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Protecting your rights with the IRS is our major objective at Herrera CPA, so that you can obtain the best outcome in this delicate matter. IRS themselves state: 

“Taxpayers have the right to retain an authorized representative of their choice to represent them in their dealings with the IRS.”

Jorge Herrera CPA CIA can be authorized to represent you before the IRS, utilizing form 2848. We will directly work on your case. Appropriate communication on your behalf with the IRS is important in order to timely provide what is needed for each procedure. Knowing the internal deadlines and alternate ways to analyze your matter is key to resolving it favorably and expeditiously.

Banks, Employers and Vendors have only a few days to turn your money to the IRS once they receive a Levy, so hiring a professional to help you resolve this quickly and appropriately is predominant. 

There are legal ways to pay less than the full debt to the IRS. OIC is a great procedure however not all the OIC requests are accepted, and not all the time is the best for your case.  A detailed analysis is required to make the best recommendation.

At Herrera CPA we have access to detailed information contained in the IRS database. We can help you to reveal what the IRS has on your case in order to do a better analysis.

Even if you have to pay the full amount of your tax debt there are instances where you are eligible to get a reduction or a waiver of penalty, being able to receive an actual refund from the IRS.

Some cases can be resolved by filing a timely Amended Tax Return, if the previous tax preparer or yourself as a client had forgotten some crucial information or had unfortunately made a mistake.

Concise responses and documentation help to expedite resolution of your case. Providing excessive documentation that is irrelevant does harm the overall progress and success. 

Knowing all of the details of your case helps us to find out if an IA is the best option either permanently or temporarily while we get prepared for another procedure. IA stop Levy actions.

“It gives me a great pleasure to share the outstanding services SEFLA Languages has always had with Jorge Herrera CPA, CIA, PC, an exceptional professional corporation for tax services, accounting, finance, and business consulting. For over 16 years they have provided us with the highest quality in tax, accounting, financial and business consulting. Since 2008 they have been supporting us year after year to file our tax returns properly and on time. In the same way, they have always advised us in financial and business matters, such as the purchase of a new building for our company 8 years ago. They are always there to help us solve any accounting and/tax issues and to clarify any questions or doubts we may have. During these difficult years of the pandemic they provided us with the best advice to help our business survive. I am very grateful to them.”
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