Strategic Tax Planning

Minimizing tax liabilities is an important objective of all businesses; every tax dollar saved goes to your pocket. Our team of experienced professionals can assist in accomplishing that goal.

HERRERA CPA invests in continuing education, quality software for research, planning and preparation of tax returns to insure accuracy, reliability and tax savings.

Tax preparation comes after the end of the year but tax planning is year-round. We remain current with tax laws and changes in order to provide advice and strategies to benefit your business.

Your Tax Reducer

An effective plan needs to include all different areas of your business and personal income, investments, projects, future objectives.

There are income vehicles that are non-taxable. We analyze if those are a good option for your plan.

On some occasions the timely realization of a loss may create a great benefit for tax purposes. Therefore, monitoring those investments one, two or even three years in advance will provide better results. 

A detailed review of the tax returns and financial statements can provide reclassifications where better tax deductions are applicable.

Some business industries and structures allow flexibility to legally decide the timeliness of the recognition of income or expenses, giving us alternative scenarios.

Quarterly Strategic Planning​ Monitoring

Often, good plans are printed and placed on a beautiful shelf, and other times just placed in a drawer, without implementing the very good recommendations provided by your Tax Advisor.

Herrera CPA provides a monitoring service to meet every quarter with you and your key personnel to help ensure timely implementation of the good recommendations so that the objectives are achieved as planned.

  • Tax Impact of Business Changes 
  • Tax Law Updates
  • Face-to-Face (in person or remote) Monitoring Meeting
  • Quarterly & Annual Forecasting

Client Testimonial

Jorge Herrera CPA CIA and Staff are very professional and knowledgeable in their field. All our needs are always met and they seem to always exceed our expectations, thanks so much for all you do.”
Juan A. Lopez, President
Action Coach Investments LLC

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